David Mishkin studied fine arts in his native New York during his university years. His artistic passion was first expressed in drawings, monoprints, sculptures and abstract art.

Returning to France in 2001, he coined the term and created CORK ART in free standing sculptures, collages and montages.

The collage construction process begins with interrelated small clusters of sorted corks. His completed geometric collages are meticulously photographed resulting in perfect focus, high density images. These photos become the starting point of a new aesthetic; images true in every detail to the original art that are transformed into abstract geometric forms.

Here, the exactitude of the original art is rewarded. In these limited eight giclée print editions, CORK ART images are intertwined, joined, even layered invisibly, their matching assured.

Recent One Man Shows:

2006 BOUCHONS EN FOLIE. Musée de vin de bourgogne,  Beaune, France
2010 CORK ART IMAGERY. VIDENTI, Baden Baden, Germany
2011 LE CAVE IMAGINAIRE. Sully sur Loire, France 
2013 VOUVRAY. DE LADOUCETTE, Paris, France 

2015 BOUCHONS! , DIAM, Céret, France

2016 TOUJOURS EN VIN.  Musée du Liège. Maureillas, France 

2017 Authenticated Giclées. Museum of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg, Florida USA