Jan Josef HOREMANS The Elder 1682/1759 - The Butcher

Times : XVII°

Jan Josef HOREMANS The Elder 1682/1759 - The Butcher

Signed: signed in the middle right on a sign
Period: Flemish School XVII / XVIII
Theme : Genre Scene
Technique: Oil on canvas - Good condition
Size: With frame 85 x 74 cm - Without frame 65 x 54 cm
Frame: Old wooden frame and gilded stucco nineteenth

Technique used / Oil on canvas - Good condition

Dimensions : 85 x 74 cm

Framing : Old wooden frame and gilded stucco nineteenth

Single work

Number of copies : 1

The Artist :

Jan Josef HOREMANS The Elder 1682/1759

Flemish School

Jan Josef Horemans the Elder (1682-1759) was a Flemish painter of the 18th century. He was best known for his genre scenes but he also painted portraits and historical allegories.

He was born in Antwerp and became a pupil of the painters Jan van Pee and Michiel Frans van der Voort .

In 1706, he became a master at the Guild of Saint-Luc in Antwerp as a pupil of Michiel Frans van der Voort. He prolonged the art of David Teniers. The following year, he married the daughter of his teacher Maria Francisca. Their son Jan Josef Horemans the Younger also became a painter.

He was the teacher of his younger brother Peter Jacob and his son Jan Josef. He died in Antwerp.

He is known for his portraits, genre works and historical allegories. He produced a large number of small anecdotal images that were executed in the tradition of Flemish genre painters of the 17th century. His colors were rather dark and he was later dubbed "brown" and "dark" to distinguish him from his son's work dubbed "the clear" for his lighter palette.

Jan Josef Horemans was the first chronicler of everyday life in Antwerp in the first half of the 18th century. He used various composition tips to present a lively account of episodes in private homes, inns and classes. His scenes of contemporary everyday life combine observation but are performed with a certain stiffness.

His works were very popular on the market. Most of his paintings are signed.

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Museum of Aix en Provence, Antwerp, Kassel, Dijon, Dresden, Florence, Geneva, Gratz, Hannover, Leipzig, Nottingham, Toul, Victoria, Vienna etc.

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