Joseph watching the baby Jesus

Joseph watching the baby Jesus - Italian School XVII

Times : XVII°

Joseph watching the baby Jesus

"Refugium agonizantium", Préfiguration of the death of Jesus - rare representation of Joseph, protector of the dying and the Family, bent over the Infant Jesus and decorated with a cartouche of garland of flowers.
The painting includes a large number of flowers such as roses and Eglantines. The first Christians made a link between the wild rose and the crown of thorns of Christ, the five petals as a symbol of the five sufferings, and generally the flower becomes a symbol of the chastity of Mary and the Immaculate Conception.

Signed : anonymous
Period : Italian School 17th
Technique : Oil on canvas - old restorations - good condition
Size : with frame 107 x 83 cm - 42.1 x 32.7 inches - without frame 100 x 75 cm - 39.4 x 29.5

Dimensions : 107 x 83 cm

Single work

Number of copies : 1

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