The Miracle of Soriano - Saint Dominic

The Miracle of Soriano - Saint Dominic - French School of the Seventeenth

Times : XVII°

The Miracle of Soriano - Saint Dominic

St. Dominic, founder of the Dominican Order. It is a classical representation: a tonsured monk, dressed in black and white (Dominican) wearing a lily (Marian devotion) and the Rule of the Order.

The painting of the central register represents the apparition of the Virgin of the Rosary to a Dominican of Soriano. Indeed, it is said that in 1530, the Virgin of the Rosary, accompanied by Saint Mary Magdalene and Saint Catherine, appeared to a Dominican of Soriano to show him how he was to paint the image of Saint Dominic.

The Dominican of Soriano (recognizable by his coat and holding a fleur-de-lis in his left hand and a book with red binding in the right) is in the foreground on the left of the composition. He looks attentively at the linen painted in the image of Saint Dominic, held by Saint Catherine (recognizable by her long hair and the crown that caps her) and shown by the Virgin dressed in red and blue. At his side, is Saint Mary Magdalene wearing the traditional pot ointments that characterizes and whose clothes seem to be contemporary fashion.

The lady holding the picture is probably Marie (crowned), the kneeling monk is perhaps Alain de La Roche, Dominican, disciple and brother of Saint Dominic, "inventor" of the devotion to the Rosary.

There are several representations of this painting of which a very similar to ours is in Rivesaltes - Church Saint-André, and the church Saint-Mathieu of Montpellier.

another painted by CASTIGLIONE, Giovanni Benedetto in 1655, 319 x 204 cm is located in Santa Maria del Castello, Genoa.

While in Spain we find that of the painter Zurbaran in San Pablo de Sevilla (1626).

Dominic de Guzmán (Domingo Núñez de Guzmán), born about 1170 in Spain in a well-off and died on August 6, 1221 in Bologna, is a Catholic monk, a priest, founder of the order of the preaching brothers commonly called "Dominicans". Canonized by the Church in 1234, it is famous under the name of St. Dominic.

The devotion to the Rosary was spread by Blessed Alain de la Roche, disciple and brother of Dominique de Guzman.

The birth of the Dominican in Sizun is still controversial. After having taken the habit of the Dominicans at Dinan in the diocese of Saint-Malo, he went to Paris, then to Flanders, staying in Douai and Lille, then to the southern Netherlands and Germany, particularly in Saxony.

Very attached to the Marian devotion, he teaches in various Flemish Dominican schools and founds brotherhoods of the Rosary and develops the devotion of the rosary. He died in Zwolle in Holland in 1475. The Virgin Mary appeared to him in 1473. He then spent the last years of his life to travel through France, Flanders and Saxony to develop the worship of the Rosary.

The rosary is the name of a Catholic prayer composed of four rosaries of orations. Dedicated to Mary, mother of Jesus of Nazareth, it takes its name from the Latin ecclesiastical rosarium which designates the garland of roses whose representations of the Virgin are crowned.

Signed : anonymous
Period : French School 17th
Technique : Oil on canvas - Rentoilé - Good condition
Size : with frame 121 x 101 cm - 110 x 96 cm -
Frame : New golden wood - Good condition

Representation of Saint Dominic - French School of the seventeenth.

Dimensions : 121 x 101 cm

Single work

Number of copies : 1

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